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The American Bar Association Guide to Wills and Estates

The complete and easy guide to all the law every adult should know about distributing property at death and planning for possible incapacity. Even though the percentage of Americans with wills has been rising, most Americans still neglect to prepare a will or trust, subjecting their heirs to confusion, costing their estates money, and resulting in distribution of their assets according to state law, rather than their own preference. Most also don't prepare a living will or other health-care directive, risking profound emotional and financial stress on their loved ones. 

Besides wills and health care directives, topics of this comprehensive book include how to plan an estate, joint ownership and other ways to transfer property without a will, trusts and living trusts, death taxes, choosing an executor or trustee, changing your will or trust, and planning now to make things easier for your family. 


The American Bar Association Guide to Law for Older Americans

Brand new book focuses on the legal needs of the fastest growing segment of our population--older persons. Explains the many legal protections of older Americans clearly and simply, without jargon and with plenty of practical tips. Gives guidance on how the law protects the rights of older people to Social Security, Medicare, and other government programs. Discusses how the law impacts health care, housing, and pension rights, as well as ways to save money and hassle by planning your estate, and ways of assuring that your wishes will be followed in the event that you're incapacitated. Also covers grandparents' rights, the rights of people with disabilities, and the special concerns of older consumers.

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