Nursing Home Facts

Most facilities serve the elderly. However, some facilities provide services to younger individuals with special needs such as the developmentally disabled, mentally ill, and those requiring drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  Nursing homes are generally stand-alone facilities, but some are operated within a hospital or retirement community. 

The level of care provided by nursing homes has increased significantly over the past decade. Many homes now provide much of the nursing care that was previously provided in a hospital setting. As a result, most nursing homes now focus their attention on rehabilitation, so that their clients can return to their own homes as soon as possible. 

Placing a loved one in a nursing home can be a difficult and heart wrenching decision.  When an intellectual decision is made the family cannot physically provide adequate care.  A nursing home can provide a sound solution.  If possible encourage the elder to participate in the selection process.  There are many advantages to living in a nursing home, but choosing the right one can be challenging.  

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