Nursing Home Facts -
Choosing a Nursing Home

There are many things to consider when choosing a Nursing Home. Visit the facility several times at various days and hours of the day. Pay close attention to the attitudes of the staff, and the residents. Take notice of the staff members are they happy and how due they treat the residents. Talk to the clients and care providers notice how they respond to you. Ask several of the residents about the care they receive. Also find out what they think of the facility like the atmosphere, activities, services, equipment, and safety.  

There are many specific concerns you should address; click here for more detailed considerations, or click here for a list of questions you should ask during your decision-making process.

Gather as much information as possible and thoroughly review all brochures, reports, newsletters, and written information. Everyone should be involved in the decision making process. Communicate with your love one find out how they fell about facility. The placement of a love one into a nursing home is a major step for all. Choosing the right nursing home is like you deciding on your home, doctors, and community. Talk to other member of the family and obtain their advise remember this is an important decision for entire family.


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